FORTUNA is the first Blockchain platform for the global OTC Derivative Market. It aims to solve major problems such as lack of trust, operational inefficiency, illiquidity and lack of variety through decentralized consensus algorithm DPOSA, structured smart contracts, a decentralized quote scheme and other features of blockchain.


Brian Cai


Founder & CEO

Brian received his Master’s degree from Yale University, majored in Computer Science. He has worked at New York, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Hangzhou, occupied in investment banking, corporate finance and private banking. Brian has managed over 5 billion USD as the director of private banking department of Zhejiang Provincial Branch of BoComm, which is a national bank in China. Brian takes charge of the strategic design and implementation of Fortuna.

Jason Tao


Co-founder & CTO

Jason has worked at Microsoft and Alibaba. He has entered the blockchain industry since 2014 and has been experienced in developing blockchain with a deep understanding of the whole technical system of blockchain. Jason takes charge of the whole blockchain architecture design and implementation of Fortuna.

Tony Zhang


Co-founder & Director of Technology

Tony graduated from Zhejiang University. He has worked at Huawei, Nokia and Alibaba. He was responsible for network security at Huawei and was responsible for 3G and IPoA network transmission at Nokia. He has been occupied in Yun OS and fingerprint payment at Alibaba. Tony takes charge of the security architecture of Fortuna.

Z.T. Luan


Director of Quantitative Trading

Z.T. received his M.S. in Computer Science from Yale University and M.S. in Mathematical Finance from University of Chicago. Based in Chicago, he has served as a quantitative analyst in large financial institutes and a day trader in a proprietary trading firm. He has worked for OCC, the only clearing house for all US equity options and other derivatives.

Andy Yang


Director of Products

Andy has worked at Tencent and Baidu. He entered the quantitative investment industry in 2012, responsible for the development of a high-frequency trading system and the design of quantitative products with a well-known hedge fund company in Shanghai. He has managed a team of 200 traders. Andy takes charge of the trading system design of Fortuna.

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