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FORTUNA is the first Blockchain platform for the global OTC Derivative Market. It aims to solve major problems such as lack of trust, operational inefficiency, illiquidity and lack of variety through decentralized consensus algorithm DPOSA, structured smart contracts, a decentralized quote scheme and other features of blockchain.


Company Benefits

1We'll provide Five Insurances and Public Housing Fund for our newly-recruited employees.

2Free snacks, Perfect Attendance Bonus, Meal Allowance, etc., are always available.

3A competitive salary will be offered as long as you're creative and have a strong learning ability.

4Various team-building activities will be organized now and then. We are looking forward to build a harmonious team.

5Apart from receiving an annual salary of 13 months, those who perform well in a project are also subject to extra bonus.

6You will have the privilege to enjoy Paid Holidays in the first year you enter our company. And the longer you stay, the more holidays you’ll get.


Job Openings

  • Senior Software Engineer, JAVA


    1. Writing well-designed, efficient, and testable code for core part of the system as well as solving difficult problems.

    2. Analyzing business needs, generating technical solutions and project development plans, and also submitting project proposals.

    3. Coordinating project planning and tasks, fulfilling project development, and managing related documents.

    4. Tackling technical problems and conducting pre-research.

    5. Carrying out code review.


    1. 3-5 years of experience as a developer, including some independent project experience.

    2. Proficient in JAVA development with 3+ years of experience.

    3. Familiar with the distributed, multi-threaded and high-performance design and coding as well as performance tuning.

    4. Familiar with object-oriented design and development along with a variety of commonly used design patterns, understand the principle and mechanism of the framework that is being used now.

    5. Familiar with Linux server, able to optimize the operating environment.

    6. Strong interest in technology, always eager to learn and have excellent learning ability, communication skills as well as teamwork ability.


    1. Experience with blockchain related development.

    2. Experience concerning trading system development.

  • Senior Software Engineer, Web Front-End


    1. Writing well-designed, efficient, and testable code according to the work arrangements to ensure all specs of the front-end code are perfectly met.

    2. Working closely with the design team to realize designer's ideas.

    3. Working closely with the back-end development team to ensure that the code is effectively connected and optimize the front-end performance of the website.

    4. Enabling the page to pass the standardized verification, and making it compatible with all major browsers.

    5. Formulating company front-end development standards and build a company component repository.


    1. Bachelor’s degree or above, Computer, Communication or other related majors.

    2. Proficient in H5, CSS3 and other front-end mainstream technologies, familiar with the ES6 development specs. Those who are familiar with node.js will be preferred.

    3. Skilled in using one or more common frameworks, have in-depth understanding and a good command of packaging tools.

    4. Familiar with W3C standards, have a deep understanding in terms of performance and data separation, Web semantization, etc.

    5. Familiar with user interaction design theory, keen to analyze and improve user experience of the product.

    6. Have a clear thinking, good communication skills and teamwork spirit, adept at learning, summarizing, and willing to share.

  • Quantitative Engineer


    1. Designing and developing a quantitative resource repository.

    2. Conducting pricing, risk control and back-testing of various derivatives.

    3. Cooperating with the company's technical development department to connect quantitative repository to trading platforms for the purpose of supporting automated generation and update of orders.

    4. Analyzing, verifying, testing, and improving financial models independently or collaboratively.

    5. Completing other tasks assigned by the superior.


    1. 3-5 years of experience as a developer, including some independent project experience.

    2. Proficient in C/C++ and Java. Extremely familiar with the debugging deployment of the development environment.

    3. Familiar with Python, Matlab.

    4. Capable of processing big data, and have experience in dealing with high concurrency.

    5. Have a certain understanding of the SQL database.

    6. Familiar with Linux and batch deployment.

    7. Understand the basic quantitative concepts.

    8. Have some knowledge of mathematics and statistics.


    1. Experience regarding quantitative development.

  • Product Manager


    1. Planning and designing related product according to the company's strategic goals.

    2. Conducting demand analysis, competitive analysis, product establishment and design for related products on the trading platform, and generating product prototypes and PRD documents.

    3. Resource coordination and project tracking of the product line of the trading platform to ensure its timely accomplishment and release.

    4. Keeping track of the use of online products, and filtering functional points which can be further optimized, improving related products, pushing online product iteration and optimization forward and enhancing the user experience.

    5. Focusing on the latest developments in the blockchain/OTC/derivatives trading platform and other industries, conducting research analysis and competitive analysis, and then typing in relevant reports.


    1. Proficient in using product designing tools, such as Axure, Mindmanager, Xmind, Visio, etc.

    2. Bachelor’s degree or above, 2+ years of experience in the product field, including more than 1 year of experience in developing user-oriented web/mobile products.

    3. Capable of writing product documentation independently, good at product requirements analysis, able to design product independently, and have an in-depth understanding of the user experience.

    4. Excel in project management, cross-departmental communication and resource coordination. Have strong logical thinking ability, learning and innovation ability and language competence as well.

  • Overseas Community Operation Specialist


    1. Daily operation of the official social platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, Medium and YouTube), releasing news and announcements, answering users' questions.

    2. Identifying and analyzing needs from overseas users and community, collecting feedback, and keeping abreast of relevant hot spots in a timely manner.

    3. Developing interactive strategies for fans in various overseas communities, striving to enlarge the fan base of the community platform, and making it more active as well.

    4. Making event plans, writing articles and conducting product promotion independently. Have rich experience in online promotion and deep understanding of characteristics of social media, capable of stepping up community influence and attention through online operations.


    1. Bachelor’s degree or above.

    2. More than 1 year of experience in overseas operation, adept at making online activity plans, and had successful cases previously.

    3. Have a strong ability in copywriting, sensitive to hotspots, and able to design and create contents independently.

    4. Familiar with community channel management, regular reports generation and data analysis.

    5. Able to learn and be familiar with tools used in the fields like picture drawing, etc., have a certain aesthetic foundation.

    6. Have a strong executive and teamwork ability, as well as a high sense of responsibility.


    1. Studied abroad before/ CET 6 or above.

    2. Some knowledge of blockchain and digital currency industry.

  • Senior Software Engineer, JAVA
  • Senior Software Engineer, Web Front-End
  • Quantitative Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Overseas Community Operation Specialist