Make the World More Transparent The First Blockchain Platform for Global OTC Derivatives Market

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The First Blockchain Platform for Global OTC Derivatives Market


01 Make a Trust Network for Global OTC Derivatives Market

Solve the trust problem and manage the credit risk of Global OTC Derivatives Market with unique DPOSA consensus algorithm, Structured Smart Contract, Decentralized Quote Scheme and Digitalized Margin Account Supervision.

02 Improve Operational Efficiency of Global OTC Derivatives Market

Improve operational efficiency for each step including derivative contract creation, price quoting, contract signing, trading and clearing based on the specialized technical features of FORTUNA.

03 Increase liquidity of Global OTC Derivatives Market

FOTA, as the only medium of exchange accepted by FORTUNA, can embrace the global liquidity regardless of the physical and multi-currency barriers.

04 Motivation of every user on FORTUNA

FORTUNA supports two kinds of trading mode: PrC and PuC. PrC Mode will enable every user of FORTUNA to launch a peer-to-peer derivative transaction without any transaction cost. PuC Mode offer opportunities for every user of FORTUNA to be a market maker and create a new market for a new type of derivative contract which can bring profit for the creator related to the trading volume of the new contract.

05 Enrich the Global OTC derivatives Market

FORTUNA will enable every user to create any type of derivative by choosing different asset-class, designing different deal structure and setting different restrictive clauses. FORTUNA will be an incubator for innovative derivative contracts which can offer the world new kinds of tools for hedging and risk management.

06 Change the Supervision Mode of Global OTC Derivatives Market

FORTUNA is a global OTC derivatives market disciplined by algorithms while supporting transparent, real time, and full dose trading data supervision. The new features of structured smart contract, digitalized trading fund supervision, arbitration driven by consensus algorithm and other core features of FORTUNA could bring a new supervision mode of Global OTC Derivatives Market.

Technical Features of FORTUNA

Innovative Consensus of DPOSA
Support PrC and PuC trading mode
FVLM:FOTA Value Locking Mechanism
Structured Smart Contact with Main Contract, CoT and Contract layers
Dencentralized Quote Scheme with SVD and QC equity management


Brian gained his Master's degree from Yale University, majored in Computer Science. He has worked at New York, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Hangzhou and has been occupied in investment banking, trust, supply finance, cash management, private banking,etc. He has been the vice director of corporate finance department and the director of private banking department of Zhejiang Provincial Branch of Bank of Communications which is a national bank in China. He was awarded the Meritorious Prize atCOMAP Mathematical Contests in Modeling and the First Prize of National Financial Solution Competition in China. With all kinds of financial experience and professional computer science knowledge, Brian takes charge of the strategy design and implementation of FORTUNA.

Jason has worked at Microsoft Research Asia, Alibaba Cloud, Taobao and other famous enterprise. He was responsible for developing the Yun Operating System during the working period of Alibaba Cloud and responsible for developing IVR technology and CRMplatform during the working period of Taobao. Jason has entered blockchain industry since 2014 and has a lot of experience of developing blockchain with a deep understanding of the whole technical system of blockchain. He takes charge of the whole architecture design and implementation of FORTUNA.

Tony gained his Master degree from Zhejiang University.He has worked at Huawei, Nokia, Alibaba Cloud, Alipay and Taobao.He was responsible for the network security including the hardware firewall and UTM during the working period of Huawei and was responsible for 3G and IPoA network transmission during the working period of Nokia.He has been occupied in the development of Yun Operating System at Alibaba Cloud and took charge of the implementation of fingerprint payment of Alipay.With a lot of experience on network security, Tony takes charge of the security mechanism design and implementation of FORTUNA.

Zuotian gained his Master degree from Yale University, majored in ComputerScience. He has worked at the Options Clearing Corporation which is the world’s largestequity derivatives clearing organization and the foundation for secure markets. He tookcharge of the design and implementation of whole quant library of OCC at Chicago andserved CBOE、C2、NYSE Amex Options、NYSE Arca Options、BOX、ISE、PHLX、NOM and other international financial intuitions. With the abundant experience ofsystem implementation for derivatives market, Zuotian takes charge of the functiona loptimization for OTC derivatives market.

Yuhan received her B.A. from the School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University.She held a Master’s degree from Yale University and was awarded the Swire Scholarship by St Antony’s College, the University of Oxford. She was a research associate at the Paul Tsai China Center of Yale Law School and worked for the Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy. She takes charge of the public relations and business development at FORTUNA.

Sophie received her B.S. in Mathematics from City University of Hong Kong andher M.A. in Statistics from Columbia University. Prior to joining FORTUNA, she spentmore than 7 years in Hong Kong, Banff and New York. She has worked for Banff Centrein Canada in 2012, Nomura in Hong Kong in 2014, and Marshall & Stevens andMcKinsey in New York from 2015-2016. Sophie takes charge of the operation of FORTUNA.

Cong gained his Ph.D. from Yale University, majored in Computational Biologyand Bioinformatics. He has been awarded Yale World Scholarship and Yale GraduateStudent Travel Award. He is the reviewer of Annals of Statistics, a member of AmericanStatistical Association, a member of international biometric society. With a profoundalgorithm and statistics basis, Doctor Li takes charge of the core algorithm design of FORTUNA.

Andy has worked at core departments in Tencent, Shanda and Baidu. He is experienced with data process and highly available system architecture. Andy has entered quantitative investment areas in year 2012, responsible for the development of high-frequency trading system and design of quantitative products in a well-known hedge fund company in Shanghai. He has the deep understanding about the implementation of the fintech in trading system, meanwhile has abundant experience about derivatives in stock markets and OTC. Andy takes charge of the hedging strategy and the trading system design.

Strategic Partners


  • 1. Ecosystem roles definition and architecture design of Fortuna

    2. Design of block structure and parameters, pre-development work

    2017 . Q4

  • 1. Distribute ERC20 standard compliant tokens which will be replaced with equivalent amount of FOTA after the launch of main net

    2. Distribute test net of Fortuna blockchain for internal testing

    3. Single node version include contract creating, contract searching, contract signing, etc

    2018 . Q1

  • 1. Distribute test net of Fortuna blockchain with command tools

    2. Performance testing, parameter tuning and security testing

    3. Develop main contract and Fortuna contract template protocol

    4. Support the resolution and execution of contracts and contract templates which are developed with FCTP protocol language

    5. Develop Fortuna Quoter Interface protocol

    2018 . Q2

  • 1. FOTA value locking service

    2. Contract create and trading

    3. Margin call service

    4. Distribute main net of Fortuna 1.0.0

    5. Web wallet 1.0

    6. Replace ERC20 standard compliant token with FOTA

    2018 . Q3

  • 1. Distribute PC wallet

    2. Distribute wallet for mobile (IOS, Android)

    3. Distribute Blockchain explorer

    4. Support more underlying assets

    5. Advanced search and compliance filter

    2018 . Q4